HAVE 2 x L3+ with Apw7 FOR GRABS 650+mhs each Stable at 58° SOLD

Hello my friends… i have 2 l3+s with apw7’s available for quick grabs. Both are currently running in climate controlled environment ( at my business ) . 950 each with free shipping if in the USA. if interested send me a msg for more details video pics specs data and im sure we can work something out. Ready to ship. i accept almost all payments except checks.
btw, if you are around the Georgia (usa) area, your more then welcome to pick them up onsite and pay then.

Happy Mining


What is your business called? How can we verify you?

Got cash in hand and will pay shipping to OKLAHOMA but not a fool.

sry to hear that…

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AND might be sold now anyways. pending

Ya, I’ll take them if they aren’t gone already…

HATE TO TELL you … but … u might have

pending payment. and actualy sold 3… dang it

Man, Im gonna keep on plugging away but its SO HARD to get set up in this market… Ughgh Appreciate the quick reply though

ill let you know if anything changes tho. but its first come first server

Wouldn’t do business any other way myself, please do let me know. If I dont see the message right away will be having some family time later this eveningat a Haunted attraction but 100% I would take them, I’ve actually got another 7k roughly im trying to invest into ASIC mining, currently just GPU, but was looking for a couple L3+ or S9’s to add to the Rack

sure ill let you know…

Can I get in line? Haha

Count me in next round. Got cash in hand, will pay today. May have to take a trip to Georgia. Never been. Heard its beautiful

Sounds good…

Current offer is CLOSED/SOLD

Will post on here again on the next one… happy mining

i meant to watch, kiddos come first no matter what. Ill be watching.

its alright… Augusta Ga. Masters pretty much is where im at - Grovetown Ga