Having issues with my ck6 need help

So I got my ck6 a week ago and got it set up it was mining fine but since I was getting really high rejection rates on poolin I tried to switch pools when I was entering new url I put it in wrong then my miner got disconnected now I can’t get on the settings from goldshell find my miner I’m sure ip changed so I scanned to find it I see a new ip adresss but it’s not connected to the web server so when I enter it nothing loads I’m running my Ethernet cable to a WiFi extender which wasn’t a problem when I first set it up don’t know what to do is there anyone that can help me out I would greatly appreciate it

I’d try getting in with ck6 ethernet connected directly to PC. Or maybe you somehow switched to an already taken ip address & in that case turn all other non necessary devices off & try again with current wireless.

Thank you yea I’m going to try to connect Ethernet cable to main router unfortunately my main router is upstairs and I don’t have a 240v outlet close to it so I ordered a 100ft cable to see if that’s goi g to fix the issue if not then I’m lost I really hope it’s not an issue where I have to create a ticket and send to goldshell

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You don’t need Goldshell’s “find miner” to access your CK6. I had the same issue with one of my KD5’s back in December. I connect the KD5 via a Cat6 cable to a wifi adapter in my garage. This adapter works fine and sits ~60’ feet from my main wifi router. It’s not as good as ethernet, but it’s been pretty damn good for mining purposes - and I’ve 3 newer ASIC rigs connected to it (through a 12-port passive switch), plus a small TV.

My solution was to check connections, reboot wifi adapter, reboot KD5, reboot your main modem/router. Check to see if you can find the miner via Goldshell’s site. If not, login to your modem/router. I have a TPLink but you can check your brand/model, do an online search for directions as to how to login.

Once logged in, you can search all the devices that are connected via ethernet and wifi to your router/modem. Through process of elimination, you can find the URL representing your CK6 (for whatever reason, for my LT5 Pro the URL is self-evident; for my KD5, it took a couple of guesses). For example, the URL per your modem/router probably looks something like this, 192.xxx.x.xxx.

Once you have the numerical URL, just enter it in the browser, which should bring up the Goldshell software that controls your CK6. Once in, you can enter whatever pool you want (I’d check Discord to see what other miners are using with respect to pools and lowering rejection rates). Good luck.

Oh, and I’d return that 100’ 240v cable assuming the above works. That thing had to be p-r-i-c-e-y.

So shut off miner then reboot main router and WiFi extender then can I use ip scanner ?

Also when I hold the reset button doesn’t do anything on the ck6 not sure if it’s because of the connection issue or what and the miner has the solid green light with no red but the green light should be blinking

I’m just saying to check connections and everything before logging into to your router to locate the miner. I don’t think there’s any particular order.

I used the power switch on my KD5. I didn’t use any reset button. I wanted the rig shut off and everything cleared from memory. When I shut it off, I normally wait at least 30 sec before switching it back on.

Tried rebooting router and WiFi extender I see the ip adress when I do a ip scan but still shows not connected

That happened to me before.
find.goldshell showed a totally different ip address.
did you use yota or advance ip?

Finally figured it out had to get on fast enough to reset miner then everything is fine still having issues I have 2 ck6 miners and on goldshell software there both showing around 25 % rejection but then when I look on the poolin app it says 4-5% rejection not sure why it’s different and which ones accurate how do I fix this to match and lower rejection rate I’m earning about 1450 a day from each miner I feel like I should be earning more does anyone have any suggestions

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1ckbox generates ~80-100ckb/day
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