Having issues with new Rig

I just put together a new rig with 4x RX 580s. I have them in gaming mode with compute workload selected. The VRAM is clocked at 2250 with the fans running at 80% and power usage set to -15%. Ihave started with a Windows box running CudoMiner software to get me going but for some reason it is only using 2 of the GPUs. I am getting almost 29Mh/s per card but it is weird to me that only 2 cards are running. And it is the middle 2 cards to boot.

Any suggestions?

Bad risers? Bad power connectors?

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Can you post a picture and full rig specs?

Also why the windows box?

a you crazy clocked to 2250? core 1180,mem 2180, vddc 862,mvdd 1000 if it msi afterburner core voltage -100, power limit 0, fan 60% 31.2mhs 86watt windows, 32.2mhs 85watt linux

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plus lift virtual memory to 32gb

This is my first build so I am still trying to figure things out and trying to research.



  • MiningCave RIG-KIT ready to put 6 X GPU
  • Remote control from your computer
  • Mining software already installed ( ETHEREUM – ZCASH )
  • Can mine different algorithms like Ethash, Equihash, CryptoNight
  • Stackable
  • 51 x 35 x 35 cm ( L. x W. x H. )
  • Total weight 8kg
  • Run on 120V-240V AC


  • ATX Motherboard intel lga1151
  • CPU intel lga1151
  • 4Gb of RAM DDR4
  • 1 X Powersupply 1600w 90+ GOLD CERTIFIED non-modular
  • 6 X USB 3.0 PCI-E 1X to 16X Extender Riser Adapter
  • Silver Aluminum MiningCave frame

So is it possible either if 13 gpu motherboard only pluged in with less than 13 gpu?

Definitely increase virtual memory to at least 24 GB and bring that memory clock down a little bit. Start at 2100 and make sure they’re stable and increase by 25 each time from there.

I am using the Radeon Software for the 4x XFX RX580 cards.

I am trying to find all the setting people are stating to look at and change. I have the VRAM turned down.

try crymson beta, share your screen shot of msiafterburner, what you mining?

you can plug how many you wanna

for 6x gpu need around 32gb if use nicehash around 42gb

I will try to get some time this evening to hook a keyboard to the miner and grab some screenshots. I have been remoteing into the but it keeps going unresponsive.

move on minerstat mining os and forget about unstablw windows rig

The reason I went with the windows rig is because I am new to mining and had been playing around with CudoMiner. I thought I could just have windows, load CudoMiner, and be off to mining with some minor tweaks on the cards to get hash rate up.

um, stupid question. Are you plugging the cards in order 1-4 or are you skipping every other one? also, is your bios set to mining? i believe that MB has that feature.

nothing different you plug one be one or skipping. on h110 i have try 6x gpu one be one, only black ports and 4x one be one,skip 16x slot, one be one. different only 16x slot draw 1watt more

mining directly on claymore or phoenix if i good remember cudo have high fees, phoenix take little fees claymore you can completely disable fees. for 580 best is claymore on windows phoenix on mining os. im mining from 01.09 on 2miners eth vea phoenix in 16days mined 0.39eth basically 0.05 every 2 days with 6x r580


I got Minerstat installed and running now. IT is running around 27MH/s. Here are the settings:

Core Clock (MHz) = 1180
Core Voltage (mV) = -100
Core State (Index) - empty
Memory Clock (MHz) = 2180
Memory State voltage (mV) = empty
I/O bus voltage - VDDCO (mV) = 862

I need to get some more airflow as the GPUs are running hot. But I am also noticing that I am using 130w per card.

minerstat nee run on mining os not on windows, as auto tune not working on win, second question 5ou have moded bios?