He sold his doge?!

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Elon Musk has taken part-time job that entirely revolves around simply pumping DOGE and many people want to consider him the founder or creator of Dogecoin – some people joke saying they’ll tell their kids that Elon is the actual founder of Dogecoin. Jackson Palmer is the actual creator of Dogecoin along with some other developers that commonly masqueraded as bronies… Jackson Palmer is incredibly bitter, mad, and simply salty because he sold all of his Dogecoin for something near worthless and many doge investors bought lambos this year with their gains but the other dogecoin developer bought a used car that is pretty cheap with all of his dogecoins…

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00:00 Elon Musk loves and pumps Dogecoin but not all do
02:14 VoskCoin x Goldshell Mini Doge miner
02:41 Dogecoin began as a joke
03:31 Dogecoin became one of the best cryptos to buy
04:23 Jackson Plamer Tweets
06:14 Jackson Palmer Dogecoin creator and founder
07:07 Simba token
08:03 Jackson Palmer twitter where he whines
10:36 EdgeCoin token
11:39 Cryptocurrency and Dogecoin have proven best investments

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elon musk sold his doge jackson palmer sold his doge