Heat management for asic miners

First time miner here, mining for just over a week. I currently running an antminer l3+ in my insulated garage and it is keeping my ambient temps around 57 degrees while its 30 degrees outside, on average. I’m adding an s19 next week and will see what that brings my temps up to in the winter months in time. My solution is currently very easy, as opening some windows in the winter will alleviate some heat buildup.

My concern is for the summer months when they approach. I cannot find any resources online to explain how to correctly exhaust this heat outside. I saw one guy connect dryer duct hoses to the fans and hang them out the window, to which one commenter responded “this is a sure way to destroy your machine” or something to that effect.

Any info or ideas are greatly appreciated. Thank you

if you are forcing additional cool air in, then you are forcing the heated air out. Now, if you are merely just exhausting with the stock fans out the window, then yes, you are actually going to create more heat against the miner fan. So you have to force air in too.

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It just surprises me that there are no plug and play cooling solutions for the at-home miner. Really is like the wild west out here. I guess everyones mining setup and conditions are unique

These ASIC miners were never designed around being at homes. They are so specific purpose built that the makers/designers were also in the thinking of controlled environment. You will have these on rows and rows of shelfs that have cool air in and exhausted heat air out. One of the best videos I have seen in heat management is the WindStone operation. Start at about 4:50 on the video to skip the other BTC info