Heatbit: Legit or no?

Just saw this. wanted to get some pro opinions

Even if it is legit (which it is not, scored 1 of 100 on a legit checker. Also many bad reviews saying they got scammed.)

Another think 1k for 14 th seasonal miner. Hell no. I can go to home depot and get a heater with every the same except coverage for 100 dollars. Also 14 th won’t be able to pay for the electric rate.

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Legit checkers are 100% CowPoop, because companies will pay some people to leave fake reviews, and besides, the fake reviews are a common issue, because 9 times out of 10, the people behind the reviews don’t even use it, and or destory the things, (this is very common!)

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I agree, but the thing was the website was a few days old at the time when I wrote, but yeah it’s legit.

Sorry for any confusion.

The concept is cool and while I wouldn’t expect anything like this to pay for itself at least not anytime soon it is a novel approach to say hey you want a space heater and to mine crypto here is 2 in 1. Like any idea to merge multiple functions it makes sacrifices and IIRC there are others doing this and perhaps in a better way.

I have seen thing talk about appliances such has electric water heaters having miners built in that generate heat that is used for the appliance while mining and offsetting your operational costs of the appliance to some degree. I want to see ideas like this grow because it can help spread adoption of crypto and bring more power to the people.


I think part of the issue with alternative application based miners is that Crypto outpaces regular societal technology at this point. The heater will be good for 15 years, the miner will be viable for 1-2 years max.

It kind of leads me to think the current setup is best for our current technology , meaning a plug in model.
In theory , someone could build a giant solar panel or some tide/pressure generator or just a water generator. But once you add crypto tech to it, it now has a limited time to be productive and efficient. I feel the crypto tech side (difficulty) will always outpace regular tech and electric generation.

Where I could see tech like this being used is in efforts to trick Gov/Regulators by claiming/saying you’re using 1 product while actually running a miner. (never know, Mining could be outlawed?? heck, weeds legal, mushroom candy bars are legal and Vape Pens are outlawed [nobody gets in the way of big tobacco… nobody], laws are topsy turvy, what ever some political overlord decides)

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The big issue isn’t that miner tech will be obsolete so quick it is that the cost of miner tech is so high that the product pricing makes it a miner with benefits instead of a heater with benefits. The pricing for such products needs to come more inline with typical electric heaters and other such devices for the issue of how quickly the miner becomes obsolete to be far less relevant.

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