HEELLLLP! NEED ADVICE! NEW to crypto mining for passive income

Hey all!!

I’m from Australia

Looking into starting mining for passive income because crypto trading is too volatile and I made a heap, and then lost it all! I used to own a full bitcoin but sent it to Mirror trading international with my mate and we both got scammed and lost them! So learnt the hard way!

Considering buying 2 Avalon 1246s… but the problem is over in Australia our max draw from a house is 10KW and each of those is 3.5KW. So I’d only be able to get 2 as hot water service is 3KW. We’ve just applied for 10KW solar system to pay for day usage. Electricity is so expensive here at about 28cAUD per hour, so calculated to run 2 avalon miners would cost $16 total a day in Electricity but generate $68AUD profit. Wondering whether I should go for a S19PRO ($21K AUD) for double the price of the 1246 instead, and then mine some other coins or things with the other 3500KW. Any thoughts?


Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m no expert in the matter, but in my opinion if you are willing to invest 21k AUD on the S19PRO then do it, this way you can have more machines working at the same time. I have an Avalon 1246 and It’s a beauty. You could also try some other coins with Goldshell Boxes with the remaining KW, they have like 230W maximum a unit.

Thanks mate. What are some other low electricity / high return rigs? I saw the KD5 mining Kadena but they are sold out EVERYWHERE

Here is a list of some of the miners available in the market “https://www.asicminervalue.com”, you can sort them out by power. LB-Box is currently the lowest consumption Box out there with a pretty decent daily profit. KD-Box also goes around 200W and good profit. You can also get a helium miner which pretty much consumes no power (check BobCat)

Or get a partial solar system. GPU is still a thing and it is low lower.