Helium BLACKSPOT miner

The last few weeks of receiving the miner I have been trying to get the thing to work it has been online for a day or two then it says offline and disconnected. It’s plugged into my router with a yellow Ethernet cord, antenna in a window. What am I doing or not doing? Location has been uploaded but the antenna height was not uploaded.

I got mine week before last and it took 3 or 4 days to get going.

It may be relayed if so Google YouTube videos they will show you how to fix it. I have t-mobile internet and can’t get mine out of it so I haven’t made a dime since Friday and probably won’t.

Hey! Welcome to Helium mining.
What you’re going through, it’s typical. The miner will take 24-48 hours to sync up to the block and to register itself within the chain and the hex map. You might see “relayed”. Typically means you need to port forward 44158 on the IP address of your miner. You can scan your router for the IP address.
Helium says that port forwarding isn’t an issue any more and we don’t need to. But, they are full of it like always. When relayed I saw nearly 90% drop in activity.
Now… with two miners… I’ve seen 4-8 activity event the last few days and is making 2.50$ those two days. Typically I’ll make 1$ a week.
Helium will use us and when it’s time to make money with 5G data dumping…. Our miners will be obsolete, I’m afraid. They all pivot.
The money in helium is using its mesh for your own projects. Orrrr. Save up for the 5G hotspots they’ll want us to buy at a premium, use our data services and pay us enough to ROI in 3 years.
If you need help. Let me know. I’m using their network and am building a platform upon it. I’ll try my best to answer… but I wanted to let you and others know that helium mining won’t make you rich.

Thanks Kryptokonjuring. Well it seems to be working now. What antenna should I buy when the nearest miner is 2 miles away. The land is flat antenna is 20’ high?