Helium HNT hotspot miner VoskCoin Group Buy! 🎈

Group buy order list for Helium HNT miners!


Unfortunately at this time, no approved Helium hotspot manufacturers have the bandwidth left to accommodate a group buy and/or a VoskCoin edition for our community. I am exploring options for the future, but over 100,000 Helium miners have been ordered in the last ~week alone with the major producers…

Order a Helium Hotspot HNT miner asap as orders are first come first serve!

Use our links below to support VoskCoin!
We recommend Nebra w/ PayPal checkout - https://voskco.in/HNTn
SP Helium HNT miner w/ CC & 5% off - https://voskco.in/HNTs
Bobcat miner w/ USDT - https://voskco.in/HNTb
RAK HNT miner - https://voskco.in/HNTr

Please reply below with How many units you would be interested in ordering as well as your country for general logistics.

Example reply
3x indoor Helium miners shipped to Virginia, USA

This is not solidified yet, we need to gauge interest to see if its realistically possible!

Here’s my real-world Helium HNT hotspot miner mining profitability for the last 24 hours… over $50, crazy.

UPDATE 1! 04/08/2021

I had a video call with one of the main approved manufacturers of Helium Hotspot miners, he expressed interest in working with us. Currently, he is reviewing the proposal with his team as well as figuring out a potential price point as well as an estimated time of arrival. I showed him our pre-order interest thread here, and it really speaks volumes with almost 700 replies in just a few days!

Update 2 04/09/2021

I have shared this exact thread with Nebra, Bobcat, SP (synchrobit partner), syncrob.it directly, and RAK. All of them have replied to the emails where I have explained and shared this thread, acknowledging receipt. That’s all of the current possible Helium hotspot manufacturers – no one has expressed interest in working with us other than Nebra at this time.
I would recommend you order from the above links and if we can get this to go through to expand your Helium HNT mining network with the VoskCoin groupbuy edition :smiley:

Update 3

See the above update at the top of this post. TLDR no manufacturers have the bandwidth left or interest due to insane demand already for these Helium HNT miners.


Yes, 1 outdoor, 1 indoor shipped to michigan


YES PLEASE!! It would be AMAZING to get a group-buy on HNT miners.


Yea I’d def be interested in ordering one

Yea I’d be down. I already tried buying three bobcats yesterday via CC but their site is having complications of confirming the order. So count me in for 5 indoor shipped to Washington state


2X I’m down for the Voskcoin edition HNT miner please. Oregon USA

I would be in for several.
Let’s make this happen.

Yes. Voskcoin edition, 2 outdoor, shipped to NYC or Nashville

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1 indoors Hélium miner Québec, Canada

1x indoor to, faster delivery to Wisconsin

100%! 1 indoor or outdoor to Virginia. Need to see how my area is earning wise before going in more.

1x indoor southern california

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I’m in… Group buy is a great idea
2 indoor miners, Toronto, Canada.

3x indoor helium miners shipped to California, USA. This would be awesome!

2x outdoor or indoor, Mississippi, USA

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Yes, please two indoor shipped to WA State.

3 indoor miners, 1 outdoor to Wales, UK. Would be awesome Vosk!

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Yes! x1 Indoor HNT miner shipped to Columbia,Sc

1x miner to Phila, PA - lets go!! :grin:

If they can include the AU version, I’d be keen on 1x indoor and 4x outdoor shipped to Australia

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