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I picked up on following Dapper Denim Carp as well. Interesting. It seems t’s on the top of a high rise in Miami, but more interesting he has a high gain antenna, which accounts for him having no witnesses in that he transmits over them. Also, when I checked, he had 59 hotspots in the same hex (condo?). Looking at his activity, he earns all his tokens witnessing other beacons. That looks like the real point of POC. He’s demonstrating that he can receive many possible IOT devices for the network. This also makes me believe that even a high gain non-directional transmitting antenna receives in a spherical pattern making it ideal for a POC goal. Thoughts?

you want to check one that really baffles the mind.

One wallet, Transmit Scale: [0.85] , hotspot is relayed,




this one is 330 meters… 1000 feet… tower?


it appears to be on this tower in the picture

I just found something else about this miner
Quaint Gingham Gerbil

you search it in this app

and it is this picture

then you click on the hotspot location and it turns to this picture being it is really Tenny Flint Seahorse

How in the heck does that get spoofed like that. It is on a tower it appears.

Hello everyone, I am new two helium mining and have two miners to set up in separate locations. Currently attempting to get online with a MNTD gold series and at a complete roadblock with set up. After three days of syncing the miner now says needs attention and I can’t figure out what to do next. Can I do a hard reset on these units? Any advice is greatly welcomed. Thank you

My MNTD took 6 days to sync up. It had a 44158 port error to resolve. you need to run the hotspot diagnostics app and see if the IP is assigned. then move it from ethernet to wireless or the other way if you are on wireless now and put it on ethernet… I swapped mine a couple of times …

then run this app to see what the port status


your IP for your ISP is what comes up in there so just input 44158 port. dont worry about the drop down box choices.

this website mine help in understanding the error

@brownwater Get on discord and we can help

That is not true. I have posted on 3 Youtube channels and the discord and everyone does exactly what you did. Delete the questions and have no answers.

@Miner388 Unsure what you are on about -

  1. The high rewards case? I gave the URL to the beacon hacking section which is what is occurring there
  2. Helping someone? Helped thousands on #helium-mining and it is a great community, interactive help is way better than in comments here

About to set up an outside 5.8dbi antenna. Forgot to order a lightning arrestor. Not many lightning events in this area. Maybe one a year and usually in the hills many miles away. So, do I even need one? If I do install one does it have to be mounted right below the antenna or can it be mounted inline just before the Bobcat? (Easier to run the ground wire inside where I plan to place the miner anyway.)


@FirePig see the ‘Lightning Arrester’ section -

A strike will by no means save your miner, it however should minimise damage to anything else.
You typically want it as close to the strike as possible, however it being further down might be better than doing nothing at all.

As you will see from the arrester section in the Wiki/FAQ - it is a calculated risk you will have to take in a low lightning area.

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Anyone have some feed back for me regarding antennas? I live in a suburban setting in an area that is the early stage of helium mining. I have 3-4 in my area between 2.4km and 6km away, as of yet none of them have picked up my Bobcat 300 with the factory antenna. Should I go to a 8dbi?