Helium Miners AVAILABLE now on AliExpress?

Since I shop through the Social Good app, they direct me to the highest rebates, which are on AliExpress, which now offers SenseCap and Bobcat miners for relatively quick deliveries from China. Even though I just received from AliExpress my mini-doge miner all the way from China to Iowa in exactly a WEEK, I don’t get it…how they are doing this? How can these miners be so readily available now? Has anyone else bought any type of HNT miner from AliExpress? Most of the sensecaps and bobcats have a whatsapp contact (which I’m trying), but what is up with all this? Here, people have told of a YEAR waiting, where this app says that if I order today I can have a sensecap by Feb 21 !! Seriously, did somebody just buy hundreds of them and hold out till now?

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They are fast because the miners are made in China

I was scammed by a third party offering Bobcats at a reduced price. be careful.

If you still need to buy can find me, real business, you can first understand us, the

Buying mining equipment off of Alibaba and AliExpress is legit but you have to be careful. As long as the purchase is made through the website and not made privately you should be good. 99% of the sellers are either scammers or they will deliver a bad product. This is why they’ll promise you a fast delivery with a large supply, but it’s all just false information so they can take your money. Never take your communication with the seller away from the website. If they’re not willing to communicate with you & make the sale through the website then they are not legit. Also, be on the lookout for sellers who are listed under a “verified” company but they are actually independent. The only people who can promise a fast delivery is a reseller who already has them in stock. Just use common sense. If it’s too good to be true then it probably is