Helium mining long term

Hi, Ive just got started with helium mining and am having good results with my first unit. I have been wondering about the longevity of helium mining. Are these units still going to be profitable when helium gets into 5g or are these going to be obsolete? I would like to order a couple more but I haven’t been able to find the answer to this question anywhere.

I think you can only get opinions on how long the boat will float. HNT will be around no matter as a mining asset. How it is mined in the future is the question. I signed up on the 5G preorder in September. never heard anything since. TMobile put others have run into some FCC issues with 5G around air ports. That is under study now.

If you need a Bobcat I have an extra on hand I didnt use in my placement of these. I have 2 total running now. Remember do not put 2 on the same IP address and in the same house. The RSSI and SNR will catch it and put it in relay and low transmit rate. DM if interested in a BobCat.