Helium mining profits

I live rural county with five miners, what could be the profitability of two more miners that I would deploy. If they all communicate?

I can’t guess at the number, but I would bet it would be low. How much are the other five miners earning?

1st one $28
2nd $4.38
3rd $26.20
4th $36.32
5th $35.16
6th $7.05
30 day period. My plan was to put one near a group of three an one at my house. Hoping that they would challenge each other.

Good luck with that challenge. I have no idea how that POC software is wrote to actually communicate with miners near and far. I am rural of the edge of many many central city miners. Mine will hit maybe 3 of what could be 20 and it just seems to only want to hit 3 random units. Most at one time I have seen it hit was 5.

I have changed the antenna from 4dB to 8dB and even put a directional shield behind it for a few days to force it to only see the south toward the big city. Still only wants to hit about 3 as Witness.

Witness is the money. No clue how to get it to hit on those.

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Thanks for your knowledge