Helium my mining please help

I recently set up to rak V2 miners but when I set them up under rak hotspot and not helium hotspot? My coworker set his up under helium hotspot. And is making a lot of rewards is there a way I can change the set up? Can someone help

So far in all the reading I have done there is no way to factory reset the miner so it can be put back on the network in a different configuration. I wish there was. I brought 3 and only used 2… but I would sell the 2nd one I used if I could reset it. I dont want to deal with transfer on it. 2 on the same cable modem does not work well. Need to get a HotSpot for it I guess.

If I transfer the hotspot over to myself can I reconfigure it?

Probably if you make a second wallet. I don’t understand why you think choosing helium instead of rak in the drop down gives you more rewards… your coworker probably is in a better spot than you.

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Yes, I just did this. I have 2 working Bobcats and I started out with both on the same wallet. I decided to transfer one of them to another wallet so my wife could check on it with her iPhone. I can tell you the transfer process relies alot on the seller to do it right. I would never recommend someone buy a used Helium Device and transfer of ownership unless you really know the person well and can communication on the phone or in person with the transfer.