Helium products price and availability

Hi to all.

I would like to purchase a Helium devices

What is the best way to get it?

Thanks very much for your help and time.

I have a new in box Bobcat for sale. Ship to USA only. You can DM me for my phone number to call or text.

Next best way if you think time is on your side, pre-order. 22 weeks in the least. Considering preorders from March and April just shipped this month.

I did buy my 3 off ebay and I only used 2 of them. I had a friend back out on hosting one so that is why it for sale. Sadly I paid $1300 each on ebay. So there is a premium to deal with there.

Thanks very much.
I’m from Israel so the shipping is a problem.

Yup, and I think you need the EU version frequency. USA is 915mHz.

Ok. Thanks very much for your help.
Much appreciated :pray:t2: