Heliumdeploy.io real or scam?

Hey folks ! These Canadian guys are saying they hav a shipment of bobcats coming this month and are charging $850USD .

Anyone heard about these guys or ever bought from them ?

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Also curious about this site. They have a few reviews saying the ppl have bought from them and everything was fine. Has anyone bought anything from here?

I am new here and specifically just signed up wanting to ask this same question. Hoping that Vosk or someone experienced can give us some feedback. I would like to order one but feel very skeptical about this idea that they have a ‘December batch’ coming in. I guess I could always put an order in on a credit card and then do a chargeback if they don’t deliver on their promise.

after over a hour of clicking buy on the RAK, I’m looking at other places to buy the RAK or bobcat 300. what have you guys seen? this site is sold out till December. ( I Know that December is not far away) But I figured I could ask.

My name is Gina i live not to far from the address deploy.io gave. On them site i make a search and with google view i arrive back of a sopping center i took the arrow to go in front and no name like this company appear my feeling tell me it is untrusted. Company i send them tree emails to go get my helium face to face but i didn t obtain any answer next step it is trying the phone number later they show on the net but take care and on coinbasecommerse they write they will refund if we lose our money with a merchant but it is absolutly false i lost 1750.00 usd in bitcoin to buy helium with www.actechnolo.com via coinbase commerce it was a fraud now the site dissapear and coinbase commerce make me lose my time and they do not care about my money lost on them new site supposely top??? For me it finish coinbase and unstrusted merchants…

I’ve placed an order for 2 with my credit card through this site. Was planning to file fraud and try to get reimbursement if they don’t deliver. Will let you guys know once I receive it.

I ordered from them after the failed attempt to buy a RAK. it took 2 - 3 weeks. but I get mine on black friday.

I didnt order but i did talk to them with the chat on the website, they stated they are fastminers.io

Got my 2 Bobcats from Helium Deploy, company is legit. Ordered the end of December batch. It was a bit late probably due to weather and/or back log but they notified me of the delay.