Hello I'm back to warn everyone not to buy anything from Monad Technology aka Fpga's Imperium Line

Hello I allready made a review about Monad Technology website https:fpga.guide, they finally put boths miners I purchased online but how?They caculate 1300 Watts power as for Ckb, even if I ve added Tellor coin Bitstream who eats only 720 Watts, they switched farm from Taiwan to China to pay less electricity fee, but they keep on charging us 0.09kWh as before, I ve paid boths miner first 2500 usd, second 2299 usd, now they are asking me Tellor bitstream installation price 239 usd…Also need to pay 15% developper fee to the guy who coded Tellor bitstream…They refuse to connect my miner to F2pool, Tellor Profitability at F2pool with 19GH/S is 1.9 trb/day, they connect me to a strange unknown pool hashpool.com where I only get 1.05 trb/daily reward for 19 GH/S, finally the contract says my Imperium V2 should reach 9GH/S and my R2 11GH/S, I should have 21GH/S, hashpool shows me only 19 GH/S, also Minerstat tells for 19GH/S tellor daily reward are around 1.9 Trb, they are keeping in the pocket 2GH/S daily + 0.75 trb reward…I need to pay at the end 190 usd for hosting + 27 usd for developper fee + 239 for tellor installment, and I mined last month only 32 Trb X 5.40= 172 usd, every month I’m loosing about 50-60 usd, when they made me contract it was written Roi after 4 months, only lies scams and they steal hashing, many coins and power to customers…Do not invest at Monad tech, if you need I can show who is interested all screenshots who prouve everything I say in here…Feel free to ask me :slight_smile: