Hello new guy, but not new to 'puten

Been lurking the crypto scene for about a month now trying to teach myself the ropes. I’m certainly not new to computing. Past employment was a Sr Engineer for a fortune five company. Couldn’t take the corp world anymore and gave it up. Blew off silicon vally for Oklahoma where I farm, I love it.

Anyways why am I here? I have allot of cheap power at my disposal. I have a .5Mw in my shop at 3.4 cents per KWh. I could add more with a simple phone call, I have a friend at the power company, thats how it works here in OK.

I think I’m going to start with some used S17 antminers off ebay (not from china) and build in increments. Put that space and power to good use instead of sitting there.

Open to input on ideas.