Hello, newbie here

I am just starting in Crypto mining, and I am interested in getting the Goldshell Hs1 Plus. Unless there are better options for near the same price.
I am overwhelmed trying to understand on how to get the handshake coins you get from mining on the Hs1 plus, to Coinbase.
Can someone show me in easy steps please.
Also can the Hs1 plus be run with a Raspberry pi 4?
I appreciate any help,
Thank you

Coinbase does not carry Handshake coin, you would have to sell it on an exchange that does, i.e. Bittrex, Hotbit, or one of a few other smaller exchanges. You can look up coin markets on sites that track coins, like CoinMarketCap (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/handshake/markets/) or CoinGecko (https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/handshake#markets) . Good luck finding a miner in stock (not being sarcastic - they’re sold out all over the place)!

Thanks for the reply, I am obviously still learning, the Goldshell website says the Hs1 plus is in stock, but who knows. It lists for $299 usd.
Definitely a learning process,
Thanks again,

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I feel you Dank. I did purchase a HS1+ and I am having newb problems setting it up. I actually had no problems ordering it and it arrived yesterday. My issue is getting the software lined up apparently.

The miner is on, it shows I am hashing. I went with Vosk’s recommendation on using Handyminer; however, I cannot get handyminer to connect to f2pool. No stats. No production. dead in the water. Really would like to suggest (or what I need) is a playbook style directions. Any help would be greatly appreciated…

I also have a HS1+ setup with f2pool but without any hassle. But I think @Scoobylaw had the same problem you describe. He might have any advice on pool etc.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll be reading and reaching out. A new Miner sitting idle is a sad sight.