=HELLO SO i did some mining in the past well tried lol ran 4 - S9 i and a AVALON 741 i made back what i put into it . SO i just bought a innosilicon T3+57ths i bought it for a cheep price less then 500 dollars well it i did not know to much about this so i want to ask you VOSK can i use a 30amp like a dryer plug with 10/2 ROMEX and i have a PDU i just bought i just want to make sure i am doing this right and i hope the miner works properly and i plan to run 2 of these T3+57 and two A11 please anyone can you give me some pointers or let me know if i am doing this right thanks.

Your electrical sounds fine the 10ga wire is rated for 30amp. But if you have 220v or 240v makes a big difference. If you have 240v multiply volts times amps to get watts. 240x30=7200 watts for a 30 amp circuit. Because miners are a constant draw load you can only use 80% of the watts. 7200w times 80% equals 5760 watts. Your two miners are 3300 watts each so you can only run one on a 30amp circuit. In my opinion a PDU is not needed when you can only run one or two machines per circuit, just wire wall plugs. Also if you use a PDU check its max amp rating and only draw 80% thru PDU. PDU’s are really only used by GPU miners who can run two or more machines on a 30 amp circuit, but ASIC machines are power hungry. With the hash rate of the sha-256 network at the all time high and Bitmain continuing to release faster and faster machines every three months the hash rate will only go higher. With BTC prices low and machine prices dropping I look for more large scale well funded farms to come online soon to harvest as much BTC before the next halving expected 03-24-2023 that is only 486 days away. If you have $.12 KWH electric rate you will mine with each machine 0.070810 BTC in a year. Your electricity cost will be $3467.50 year. That will give you a net loss of $2299.50 per year. The real issue is your BTC earnings will most likely be less as more faster miners come online. If you HODL in one year if network hashrate does not go up and BTC hits $100K you will make $7081.00 minus machine and electricity per machine. I just bought a Antminer XP19 141 THS unit and it uses 300 watts less than your units. My elect rate is $.12 so I plan to HODL until BTC hits $100K. As fast and power efficient as my new miner is its a net looser of $314 a year at today’s price of BTC. If I make the projected 0.175200 BTC I will gross $17520.00 minus $3204.52 electricity.
Do more research use ASIC Miner Value . com and also ASIC earning calculators online and look into alt coins, that’s what I am doing. Good luck and if MR Vosk post I hope if I told you anything wrong he will correct it.