Help a noob out!

I’m completely new to crypto. I have about a thousand to spend but have no clue what on. I thought Hnt miner but I live in the middle of no where and closest city has none. I also thought about a Futurebit but seems pay out is very low . Being a noob I got no clue . Thx for the help.

I’d look into starting a budget miner. Even though it’s tough these days but if you look around you can find the hardware for pretty good prices. The hardest thing to find are the gpu’s. $1k would get you up and mining if you aren’t afraid to buys a used gpu, best place for used is ebay. The rx 570’s are going for a decent price even though the price for used today is higher than the price for new about a year ago.

Thx ,I think I will try that maybe and follow the thousand dollar rigs parts list vosk put out.

Right now there’s a 6 gpu mobo on Newegg for $89 that I’ve been thinking about snatching up for a new rig

ASRock 6 gpu mobo

Would this be good? GIGABYTE B450M DS3H V2 (AMD Ryzen AM4/Micro ATX/M.2/HMDI/DVI/USB 3.1/DDR4/Motherboard) I have a ryzen 5 3600 . Thought maybe I could do some cpu mining as well. Bad part is only gpu I got is a 1030 4g, a friend said he will sell me his 1050 4g but I guess it’s a start. Thx again for the reply.

In a nutshell, if you’re bringing in more $$$ in an crypto than you’re spending in electricity, your winning. Personally I wouldn’t cpu mine, I’ve done it for a few years and got pennies in crypto while I spent dollars on electricity.

That motherboard you referred to will only support 3 gpu’s if that’s all you want to run, then I’d say go for it. Personally I run the asus b250 mining expert, which handles up to 19 gpu’s. If you want some room for expansion, this one will handle 6gpus and it’s about $15 more than the one you were looking at.

MSI ProSeries AMD Ryzen 2ND and 3rd Gen AM4 M.2 USB 3 DDR4 D-Sub DVI HDMI Crossfire ATX Motherboard (B450-A Pro Max) (B450APROMAX)

If you can motivate a GPU into your mining rig I’d suggest looking into a few Equihash projects that have a good ROI (personal opinion). Hit up a mining calculator and then check out for where you can pool-mine the project.

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thanks for the info, I’m also very new and trying to piece together my first mining rig. I currently own no hardward of any kind so I’m following this conversation thread. Would this card be ok for mining just to get started? Do you think it would be better to pimp out a little more $$ to get a better card??

I just bought a couple rx 570 4g as Cryptosith said it was good to start with . Can’t wait to get started . I figure in a week or 2 I might try to find a few more.

I see a few 570 8g, so I guess if they are a similar price on ebay they would be just as good

I have to tell on myself but I ordered 2 off different ppl on ebay both sellers acct. Were made in 2000 and 2001 both had well over 200 things sold and I was scammed so be careful. I would go with 8g myself but I am a nood and don’t know much . I’m still watching videos on setting one up . I’m on my 4 video on it , lol I got motherboard ordered/ ram though.

thanks man, sounds like we are both in the same boat!!! I keep seeing on this discord people posting about their GPUs that don’t earn enough money to make the cards worth buying. I’m trying to find a site/page on the vosk channel that talks about reputable sites to search for cards and how to tell if they are worth buying based on their potential yield when it comes to mining

That would be great plz let me know if you find out anything.

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with the 4gb cards I reccomend mining etc, if you get the 8gb cards you can mine eth, the vlaue mined with either card goes hand and hand between eth and etc. as for getting scammed, did you go off ebay and did you read description carefully because ebay has a good buyer protection policy. There are listings on ebay that say its not the actual gpu, but its a printed picture of the gpu and people aren’t being careful reading the descriptions and bidding hundreds on a piece of printer paper

this where I’m sitting right now with my rig half filled running 5 ebay gpus and 1 that I bought new over a year ago. 2 nividia 1660ti gmaing x’s 1 rx570 8gb and 3 rx70 4gbs. all the rx570’s both 8gb and 4 gb are hashing indentical to each other and my nividias are hash about 3mhs higher

Yes , I didn’t even know . It was the next day after I paid for them ebay contacted me saying they had already refunded my money and that they were removed from the site. I am still amazed at there speed. Thx for the help

I’m glad you got refunded quickly, one thing I absolutely despise are scammers. My project got hit with a smart contract manipulator, thankfully my team and I caught it quickly and pulled all our tokens from all the exchanges and consolidated them all on to 1 exchange, but one good thing came out of it, he pumped and dumped the token but the token held high and I got $20K out of it, he though he was slick until after the dump and if h tries to buy back in, he will be buying back in at a higher price, plus we contacted Binance and his address is pending suspension

4 gb cards will be obsolete soon. I’d try and step it up. Finding good cards is an exercise in patience. :wink:

If you are referring to ETH in zombie mode yes, ETC not for a while. Etc DAG is at 2.6gb right now, but that’s not saying I’m not looking into contingencies, but if I’m not mistaken, with the new DAG reduction for ETC, 4gb cards still have till 2025