Help about wall adapter for EU

Hello, I have the LT6 and I have EU wall plug but the PDU I’ve ordered has a US plug, can I just use a regular adapter or do I need a special one because of the high wattage?
Also I’m adding pictures of the PDU please tell me if you know it if it’s good, thank you so much for the answers friends!

Duckcity which country are you in? You don’t need this PDU since you are only running 1 LT6 3200W±5% you can not run this on your normal 3 pin socket .
The wiring into the wall socket has to be min of 6mm twin & earth with this type of socket image
and this type of 3 pin plug image
Your LT6 will run on normal wall plug but not run for long period of time because its drawing 3200 Watts and EU wall plugs are only rated 3120 Watts

You might also want to read the spec’s on the power supply because it might require 240. I was using a bitmain apw7 to power my miners and someone on here let me know it’s 800 watts using 110 and 1800 using 240. I don’t know anything about the larger Goldshell miners or EU electricity but I would check into it.

Im from Israel we have 220v electricity, so I only need these two things? What do you mean not run for long period of time? I’m looking for a sturdy option that can take as much electricity

Also I cannot find such shield sockets that have c19/c20 connectivity