Help! Bick and I are stumped!

So Bick and I were up til close to 11PM tonight trying to diagnose why my h110btc motherboard refuses to detect more than 9 video cards. I swapped risers and their cables, power cables, we even rotated card positions to verify it wasn’t a bad video card. Nothing works! Any help y’all can offer would be greatly appreciated. We were both unable to find a solution. Anybody experienced this before? Anybody solved it?

This problem is common with this mobo. If you can get your hands on a b250 mining expert mobo you should be right.

Windows or Linux?

HiveOS with updated bios. Afditional info…

Moving the pci riser to a different pci slot does not fix the problem.

Here is what I found on the AsRock forums to try. We tried everything except increasing the PCH voltage and reducing the IGPU memory so you might as well give those a shot. I would also try adding the GPUs one by one again but using AsRock’s recommended order this time. X16 slot first, then the one closest to the CPU and then fill in the rest from from top to bottom.

Clearing the UEFI/BIOS, including removing the board’s battery, might help with 10+ video cards.

Be sure that the Above 4GB MMIO BIOS assignment option in the UEFI, Chipset Configuration screen, is enabled. It is by default.

Set the VT-d option, Chipset Configuration, to Disabled.

Check that all the ASPM options in Chipset Configuration are Disabled.

Set the IOAPIC 24-119 Entries option to Enabled if it is disabled.

One other possibility is the amount of DRAM memory you are using. The OS/Windows reserves some of the PC’s memory for system use with hardware like video cards. The amount allocated depends on how much memory is available overall. If not enough memory is available, more cards won’t be detected. Normally Windows will boot in that situation, but the card(s) won’t be recognized.

Related to this is how much memory is allocated to the Intel iGPU. Set the Share Memory option, in Chipset Configuration, as low as possible. Also be sure to set the IGPU Multi-Monitor to disabled, IF you do NOT use the Intel iGPU.

Disable as much of the unused hardware you can in the UEFI. Such as, Onboard HD Audio , Onboard HDMI HD Audio , Serial Port and Parallel Port .

Do not use the Fast Boot option, keep it Disabled.

Try increasing the PCH/Chipset voltage with the PCH Voltage option, and the VCCIO Voltage in the OC Tweaker\Voltage Configuration screen