Help!….can’t connect pool to KD BOX

Sorry if this is a repeat post, I just joined today. I can not connect to f2 or dx pool. I follow Goldshell’s tutorial and nothing it will not let me drag to activate. I don’t even see the green activate button please help

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Don’t trust the quick buttons. Make sure you enter the correct stratum url.

First 3 you dont need account, you use your wallet address,

F2pool - How to mine Kadena | f2pool

Hashpool -

Poolflare - Pool - Better Cryptocurrency Mining Pool

For Dxpool, you need to make an account, then follow instructions,
Dxpool - (Need to make an account)

Thank you and the password is just 123? Or is the the password for my pool account?

Password is not related to account. It can be anything, or left blank

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Thank you. I followed your directions and put in my Zelcore address and it worked. Awesome thank you again!!!

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