Help.. GPU's need some new thermals pads

I have a couple of Zotac GTX 1080 Ti’s that seemed to be hashing pretty good but now both of them have a constant red light and won’t hash anymore.

I don’t have the tools or time to “rebuild” them. Where can I send them to get the pads replaced…???

if you post on the discord i think there are people who buy broken hardware. otherwise go to your local pc repair shop-DO NOT USE BEST BUY.

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I don’t wanna sell them… When things were doing good 6 mos ago… I called them (2 1080Ti’s) my money makers. So I’ll contact some of the local shops.

Well… I just called about 6 or 8 local pc repair places. I think only one of them understood what a thermal pad is. How sad. Time to step up this search and use a search engine… locals are very disappointing.

1 Like uses medical grade thermal pads!

What is a medical grade thermal pad? I would think of a heating pad used by a hospital when I see medical grade thermal pad. When I talk GPUs a thermal pad is a conductive material usually adhesive that would not need any “medical” grade level. To me calling a thermal pad medical grade is straight up BS.

Its not BS, the medical machines are computers that use thermal pads and paste to cool all computer gear in ICU room, surgery rooms, etc. They use the same material that is sold for high end medical devices. Its not a heating pad… these machines use heavy computational power to monitor people in critical conditions…if they over heat and the machine goes down, a persons life could be at risk, so, therefore they use good thermal pads and paste to offset the heat cause by these machines.

He uses the same quality.