Help judging an eBay listing

Can anyone give me some input on this ebay listing??

No returns, guess if you get a dud then good luck with that.

these sellers get in bulk orders from china and don’t test them before they sell them.

Check if eBay is offering seller protection. That’s why I buy on eBay.

There is eBay buyer protection but as far as I have seen in here that doesn’t mean much.

Based on seller’s feedback, they’ve sold a variety of used miners before, but if something happens with the miner during shipping you most likely will get stuck with repair bill (or will have to figure out how to repair it yourself).

Just got scammed this month buying an antminer from eBay. Luckily I noticed after the fact the seller in Germany had copied a US listing. Reported to eBay listing was deleted and after going through several chats was finally granted a refund. I think the scam is they send you an empty box to be marked as “Delivered”