Help make sure this is all I need please?

Hi all. I would like to get a pair of the outdoor Helium mining rigs. I think I am going to get the Nebras. I will be putting this up high (probly on a pole) and running eithernet to it.
So This miner
This antenna

Am I correct in assuming the Ethernet can just be plugged into this?
If possible I would like to use a POE device so that I don’t have to run a separate power supply to it.
Someone on reddit mentioned using this one

But it says its only up to 15.4 watts and the miner says “Peak draw of 18W” so I am wondering if that is a good enough supply?? The spec for the miner says “Supports 48V PoE injectors & switches” I could use some help here, I really cant afford to burn this thing up trying stuff.

Is there anything else that I need to order that I am missing???


So based on the website, the outdoor version does accept POE from a switch but you need to remember that standard Ethernet starts to have problems if you run a cable over 300’. You can find some cost affective POE switches now if needed.