Help me can’t figure out where to start

Hi my name is Eli I’m a 12 year old from Reno nevada and I’m looking to get into crypto mining I have no clue what miner I should get or what coin to mine or if I should do it at all please help!

Well Eli,

Start by figuring out what kind of equipment you have to use. That’s the first step.

im willing to put in around $100 all i have is 2 bad computers and one mediocer one

Do you play video games using a graphics card?

no but im thinking of getting a i9-10700 and 3080

That’s going to cost you more than $100

I would research the main coin options for each type, CPU and GPU. Those would be Monero for CPU, and many options but focus on ETH for GPU.

Your troubles will be your need for parents support. One, they pay the electricity bill so make sure they know you want to do this.
Also if you want to or need to turn the cryptocurrency into regular money (fiat) your parents will need to help you again with KYC and taxes.

Another option that won’t cost you much money upfront is hard drive mining. Like Storj coin. If those three computers you mentioned have any large hard drives you can look into that but your parents will have to have unlimited uncapped internet but very low electric costs compared to GPU or ASIC.

Keep researching and talk with your parents about options.

i know the pc will cost me more but I’m willing to spend 100 on a miner

Rather buy the pc and use it to mine when you’re not gaming. From there you can put more $$ into your startup rig.