Help me, hard time understanding

This is on Cruxpool. Can someone explain how at 3:30 pm it says I got 1086 shares accepted, 127 stale, 1 rejected, and 1 incorrect share but the dashboard shows 0 of these issues occurring? This is constant on almost every time check in that pops up on the miner saying all these stales and rejected, etc. Also, do I disregard the hashrate on dashboard too cause the reported hashrate matches the 3:30pm that was shown but the blue hash rate is low and not correct. Plus, how does dashboard show only 1,176 valid shares but in 3:30 checkin alone was 1086 minus the stale, rejected, and invalid. Btw, cards are not overheating I have a fan on them and settings making sure they don’t. Highest is 65C. Sorry I know this is a lot. Just swapped off ethermines pool after network issues with them and running into these new things with cruxpool.

Now this random thing popped up

Max difficulty should not be this high for this.

Have you tried any other pools, because the miner and the dashboard clearly aren’t communicating