Help me out with this one

I am about to buy my first miner, It would be great for some tips on choosing my First miner and some Legit Suppliers

Personally, I only buy from manufacturers (, but that’s because ive been scammed before. You can buy off amazon/ebay etc but do so at ya own risk. If you buy a hardware wallet only do so from manufacture again safety.
As for which miner, thats up to you based on which coin you want to mine and ho much ya willing to spend.
Just be advised the higher power miners produce a lot of noise and heat, and can use a lot of electric. Take all the advise people have here, but do ya own research too!

I have purchased directly from Goldshell during a sale as well as from Both came through with no problems.

Try crypto miner bros. I had quick service from both altair. tech.
Don’t trust Amazon there are scammers on there

what’s your budget?