Help, new miner šŸ˜Š

Hello everyone Iā€™m new in mining, and i would really be happy if someone help me out or guide me through this :slightly_smiling_face::blush:. Iā€™m looking to buy some rigs or some small miners or anything that is connected with mining because there is a BIG LACK of anything even the MNTD today I literally crashed my finger trying to checkout and it was useless. If you know or have someone legit that sells this and can be shipped within 5-7 days please let me know i would gladly appreciate your help :blush:

I will ship you a BobCat over night USPS mail if you are in the USA

DM me

Hello, I am also new to this firm and as you have mentioned that you can send a BobCat miner if I am in the USA. So I am in the USA would like to know the details like price and delivery charges if and a little light on the miner if possible.

Thank you.

@Miner388 Please email me at thanks