Help! Newb here, need help with Mini Doge Pro Box Miner

Hey, I just got a mini doge pro box miner. I have a few other box miners and I’m using dxpool. I’m trying to setup the miner to mine doge. But it looks like it’s set to mine LTC and Doge. I’m not sure I want that. Does anyone know how to only mine Doge? Or any advice on the best way to use this miner right now? Thanks for any advice!

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my understanding of these miners is that you will mine LTC and some pools who support merge mining will give you DOGE as a bonus. Does not take away from LTC.

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but what if you want just full doge mining?

i don’t believe you can with these mini miners. The DOGE is a gift from the pool, not as a result of it mining DOGE, it was mining LTC and LTC only.

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well that kinda sucks… shouldn’t this name be mini ltc miner? lol

i could be wrong, wouldn’t be the first time

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The machine you are using is Scrypt Algorithm. The language it speaks to the network.
For instance, BTC is SHA-256 Algorithm and DASH is X-11 algorithm.

So your Mini Doge Pro, actually mines all Srcypt crypto’s. If you go to you will see a list of near 100 types of Scrypt algo coins to mine. (with info, pools ect).

I don’t actually use dxpools but I get the jest of it. They mine what ever they want to mine in Scrypt algo with your machine. You only get paid out in your preferred Crypto. If you want Digibyte as a pay out, they will mine LTC then swap the LTC to DGB to pay you.

I’ll just cut to the jib and say what other won’t. Any mining pool like dxpool or nicehash is a company, not a public pool. You are paying them to mine the most profitable crypto with your miner. You might think… I don’t pay them, they pay me. Nope. your crypto becomes theirs first, they allow you to have what ever keeps you coming back but is still profitable to them. I’m not even really saying they suck, it is what it is. If you are new to mining crypto, just know this. No one is your friend and no thing is for free. The more convenient, the more it cost you. DXpool is one of the more popular pools. Check out that link and the 10’s of thousands of pools listed on it.

So to end with the answer. The option to receive payouts in DOGE is on the DXpool website. They pick what your miner actually mines.


That’s the cold dark truth to any financial market. I use Braiins on slush pool to overclock my s19pro. I just picked up the L7 so I’ll need to do some research on getting running. Good luck to all the home miners out there!