HELP! Where to buy iBeLink BM-K1?

Hi all,

I am new to ASIC mining and don’t know where to buy iBeLink BM-K1. I engaged and would like to buy from but wasn’t sure if they are legit as I am aware of lots of scammers out there.

Any tip on where to buy it safely?

Thanks a lot in advance,


You are late dude! Probably coming from seeing the profits its giving huh… All need money bags.

Jokes aside, they are actually out of stock

Whoever claims to have them is most probably a scam

Watch Voskcoins video on the ibelink k1 looks like it has a backdoor hack in the firmware,

Thanks guys, any tips on trustworthy ASIC miner reseller? I can’t seem to contact anyone from the manufacturer about any upcoming new products.