Help with newrig October 2022

This may sumwhat be a question with room for opinion and a variable amount of vaid answers.

I’m look to give mining a shot.
I understand and know this and that about the whole thing and tech.
Also I have knowledge of its being and where it can be said to lead.

I would never said I have a rounded understanding.

I would like people’s opinions and knowledge on there answer for the best thing I can buy and best way I can go about it.

On the rig I can spend $1000 - $1500 AUD (depending on calculated profit)

And currency and way to mine.

I don’t pay electricity.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I am interested in hearing people’s answers.:tophat::tophat:

Not paying electric is a huge bonus for you.
Personally, I had 9 S9’s running out of my apartment, ran from both Dryer and Stove 220V. Not recommended!

This is just my personal view of running miners out of a Home, apartment, garage, or business. I would recommend doing your own research and seek professional help regarding the power supply.

First you really need to pick what algorithm you want to mine with a ASIC.

If you go small miners you could purchase a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) the linked is just for example. You might be able to run something safely!

If you go one or two big ones, you will need to find a way to run them safety on 220V!. Most of the larger miners will ONLY run on 220V.

If you can run off 220V not 120V, you can reduce the Amp and Watt usage (which also reduces the load on the cheap wiring inside some of these walls these days).

To run any kind of ASIC miner, you will need to think about how you are going to get that heat out of the room/garage you are using the miner in.

Personally, I designed and printed 3D Printed ducting that attaches to the miner fans and enables you to connect a 5/6/7/8" ducting to the miner, then you have a vent in your window. This way the heat is blown out the window away from your miner. The cooler you can keep the room the Safer it is, but it’s also beneficial to the equipment as well.

Now if you attach the Flexible ducting you can find at Home Depot or Lowes. The kind that has the insulation around it. you use this to connect to the miner and the window. The higher the R rating on the ducting the higher reduction you will also see in sound proofing. I’ve seen miners <80 decibel.

You would be wise to keep the miner on something that’s static resistant. Not Carpet!

This is just my opinion, if possible, try to run everything networked by wire, there is always a small lag when it comes to Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi networks came be affected by so many things these days, The fans on the miners can interfere with the signals.

As for what miner. That is something that you must research! different miners can mine different algorithm - coins.

With mining you will also need to understand and choice a mining pool to use. Then you will need to choose if you want to mine Solo or in a pool. I used they cover most of the coins out there and pay is fair. Website is easy to use and well presented. you will also need to decide how you’re going to exchange your mined coins for cash. Personally, I use if you store coins there, they will also pay you interest on them! They have a debit card that’s linked to your account for easy access and the fees aren’t that bad considering how much and how long it normally takes. Mining pool V Solo – when you mine with a pool any coins mined are shared with the pool. But you can get paid daily if needed. Mining Solo mean you would only ever get anything when you mine a coin. Which the difficulty changes all the time and there is no guarantee you would ever get paid anything. Of course, you could be very lucky and mine coins all the time, there is nothing you can do to increase your chance other than increasing mining output.

You will also need to decide where you are going to store your mining income. Be it a software wallet or a hardware wallet. With a hardware wallet I would only recommend buying from the manufacture direct. no middlemen like eBay or amazon. is who I use but again there are others out there. But consider how much money you are going to be storing and what you’re willing to spend to protect it. By far a hardware wallet is the safest! Weakest link is always the operator.

This again is something you will have to make a decision on.

*Each coin has its own pros/cons.

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Do you have unlimited free electricity? If so where about as in Aus are you? If you are in SA can we run 5 Goldshell X5s at your place? Hook 4 up to my pool and 1 up to your pool? Sounds fair to me :sweat_smile: