Help with (probably?) Server PSUs

Hi guys I’m trying to find an economic way to power my 19 gpu rig in the making. ATX PSUs I can find on PC Parts Picker make it prohibitively expensive. ATX PSUs from Ali Express are affordable, but they are they too good to be true (are they fire hazards)?

That leaves me with the HP / Dell server PSUs and breakout boards. Those seem cool, but I’m just so unsure of what I need, how much I should expect to pay and where to find it. I’m worried that what I’m seeing in the server department is also too good to be true.

One thing I’m curious about, for any of us using the B250 Mining Expert, how are you powering the 2 extra 24-pins if you’re using server power supplies? Are there breakout boards that include a 24 pin in addition to 6 pins?

Speaking of 6 pin, what about my RX570’s with 8 pins? I don’t see breakout boards for 8 pin cables, do they exist? Or are the cables that simply add an 8 pin to 1 side with a 6 pin on the other do the job? That seems about as sketch as an AliExpress ATX PSU…

How are you guys powering these rigs?

The HP DPS-1200FB-1 power supplies are dirt cheap and work with most breakout boards. I just bought two of them on Ebay for $33 total. They are 1200W platinum. I should mention that these power supplies are only 900W if you run them on 120VAC. If you buy the Parallel Miner breakout boards, you can get cables that are 6-pin x 6+2 pin. The breakout board and 12 cables is only $40 and they can be daisy chained so they turn on/off with the main PSU.

You can either use a cheap 300W or so ATX power supply for the board or you can buy something like this for under $20 if you want to use all server PSUs. They make different power ratings depending on what you need.

Damn, the hero I needed!

OK that’s kind of what I was thinking but wasn’t sure it was going to work, so thank you.

I have heard that the trade off with server vs ATX power suppliles is the noise, is that true? I might have to put the miner in the garage then lol

buy asic s9 psus for gpu and any 500 psu for mobo, s9 psu you can solder 2 wires and connect to main psu molex vea relay will work same as normal psu. depend witch server psu you buy new model psu are not loud s9 psu is louder of atx psu