Helppppp - 3070 psu?

does anyone know if the ASUS 3070 DUAL OC can only work with an 8-pin cable from the PSU and she asks for 2 8-pin cables

Here’s what Hal F. has to say:

Pros: Stable drives even when overclocked at 1985/1406.

Cons: Drivers a little tricky to find on Asus page. I have a wattage reader and this with a Ryzen 5 3600, nvme 550gb, 16 gb mem only runs around 350 watts max.

Overall Review: Great for the Price!

Ok, so if the entire system, motherboard, cpu, etc. draws only 350 watts, the GPU most likely will draw less than 300 watts, and a portion of that will come via the pcie connector.

While you must use two 8-pin power connectors, you can get by using one cable with dual 8-pin (6+2) power connectors or a splitter at the GPU. Check the cable for overheating. This should work as long as the GPU draws less than 300 watts, otherwise you must use two separate power supply cables.

ASUS is vague about the power consumption of this video card and only recommends system use of a 750 Watt power supply.