Her Thoughts on Working in Crypto and Marrying a Bitcoin Miner

What is it like for her to work full-time in cryptocurrency and marry a Bitcoin miner? Miss Vosk Alexa wears many hats behind the scenes at VoskCoin from shooting video footage, helping to build the mining farm, and developing relationships for VoskCoin – here’s episode 003 of the VoskCoin PoDcast! Subscribe to VoskCoin - http://voskco.in/Sub

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What do you want the next episode of the VoskCoin PoDcast to be about?! It stands for Proof of Discussion by the way!

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Her Thoughts on Working in Crypto and Marrying a Bitcoin Miner Miss Vosk Alexa PoDcast

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Thank you for your insights and for being the other half of a Voskcoin.

George Davis

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the other half…psh

vosk would have 15 incomplete projects without @MissVosk keeping him on point.

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he has less than 15 incomplete projects? impressive!

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