Here's how to Play To Earn with Axie Infinity the BEST NFT game!

Axie Infinity is skyrocketing in use and profitability so let’s review how to get started with this free play to earn game Axie Infinity, how to buy and sell Axies, and info on AXS and SLP the tokens making crypto investors millionaires! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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Battle collect and earn with Axie Infinity that’s a pretty fun tagline and axie infinity gamers, streamers, and collectors are literally becoming millionaires by investing into this NFT game and the NFTs AXIES or farming Axie shards AXS and SLP tokens or smooth love potions used for breeding and other fun actions in the Axie Infinity game! Let’s review how to get started with Axie Infinity and how to play to earn and hopefully make money with the best play to earn NFT game out right now Axie Infinity and a video guide on setting up and using the Ronin wallet for buying and selling Axies on the marketplace!

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00:00 How to play to earn with Axie Infinity
01:38 Axie Infinity tutorial
02:56 Ronin wallet guide for Axie Infinity
03:44 Ronin wallet setup for Axie Infinity
09:48 How to buy and sell Axie Ronin wallet marketplace
11:47 This Axie reminds me of Tails Vosk Doge!
12:13 Ridotto
14:13 Axie Infinity review and AXS SLP prediction

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Here’s how to Play To Earn with Axie Infinity the BEST NFT game!

Please do additional research!!! Buying axies because of what they look like is not a good investment.

You can NOT start with anything less than 700 USD to have an enjoyable time in the game.

I have been breeding, managing scholar teams and playing Axie for a while now, and I fear that people with less disposable income will lose money because of a video like this.

I’ve known people that thought they could start with 500 USD and didnt find out until they paid $40 in gas to get WETH, only to find out that having 2 axies is worthless. then deciding to sell and pay gas again to get back to ETH.

if any one has any questions I will answer if I can.