Hey guys I want to sell my miner

Hello guys, I got an LT6 directly from goldshell like 2 months ago and couldn’t set it up it’s very complicated with my electricity in my country and I just want to sell it… unfortunately ebay doesn’t let new sellers sell more then 200$ so does anybody know where can I sell it? Thank you for your reply’s guys love this community!

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This is a question for me as well, because I have an L3 ++ (580M/Hs) that I can’t really install, due to it being 80 db. I don’t know where I can host it so I rather just sell it, because its a sitting brick. I’d appreciate any advice.

Please help guys

Hey Ya’ll I’m starting some consignment services, if you’d like to sell your miner. I can put your items on bigskyasics once they sell you’d be sent the funds minus a small commission. Email me here at aaronraycove@raycoveenterprises.com Subject: Consignment for more details.

Try sell on dream escrow discord the vosk discord but there a lot you need to do show pictures use a escrow which might be your best option but I’d say your going to take a big lose to just get ride of them


I have some L3+‘s that I want to get rid of. I would be interested in more info.

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Tá pedindo quanto nela?

Tá pedindo quanto nela ?

how much?

= How much are you asking for it?

How much are you looking to sell your L3s?

I have them listed for $700 each right now, but I am open to negotiations on that price.

How much are you asking?

How much are you selling your L3+?

I’ll put it up for 1000$. Never used before. I’ll post some pictures if interested. Is there a voskcoin discord where it will be approved for legitimacy?

I’m selling it for 12k

What country are you in?

I’m sorry to tell you this, but you have to lower your price if you want to sell this miner. The entire market is bearish, and the demand for LT6 is very low right now.

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Agreed, you can get one from Coin Mining Central brand new for $10,600.

12k? u mean 1.2k maybe :sweat_smile: