Hi, Could anyone recommend a good cheap Powered(?) USB hub please, thanks

Hi, Could anyone recommend a good cheap Powered(?) USB hub please, thanks

I am sure someone can…

There is a cheap USB hub with an external power adapter so i definately meets the criteria of cheap powered usb hub.

But I would like to know the intended use so I can recommend one that will do what you want not one that fits a 3 word description of a device.

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This is good for a phone farm,


This is another good one,


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Hi, I’m just after expanding the number of USB sockets on my laptop (Lenovo X230), which currently has 3 I believe… 2 x USB3 sockets and 1 x USB2 socket… I often use a printer, mouse, charge my phone via a USB lead, and connect 1 or 2 external SATA HDDs via a USB to SATA lead/s… 1 of my SATA to USB leads is USB3 “enabled” and the other USB to SATA lead is just USB2. Thanks

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Good and cheap. Two words that sound great but usually don’t go together.
I follow the advice I learned years ago to over buy USB hubs because they ‘always’ burn out.

So I took that advice and ran to the cheapest place I know and purchased a few USB hub’s to plan for burnouts.

I used this with Gecko Science USB miners. It did burn the USB hubs out, in time.
I actually buy a lot of tech and mining stuff from that web site. Enjoy.

To note: I opted for the USB2.0 instead of 3.0 because I don’t need 3.0, and the unit is cheaper.

I’m sure you always get what you pay for, so for $2 bucks… it ain’t going to be the Taj Mahal . But I do believe the tell about ‘they always burn out’.

I remember watching a video where the dude described how to build your own computer quality USB hub that will never burn out. At the end of the video he said “or just get a real 4 port USB hub and mount/install it to your computer”.

Edit: I can’t tell if the hub I linked has an external power added, The ones I purchased did, they came with a USB connector cord and a 120V connector cord. You want an “added external power” type.


This may be more slots than you need, but I’ve been using this anker USB hub for 2 years and enjoy it. My main advice is to get a powered hub, so then you’ll never run into power issues w/ multiple devices attached to it.
Also shameless plug, VoskCoin is an amazon affiliate :smiley: