Hi Drew. Please contact me! Urgent

Hi Drew. I was nosing around today and discovered something that may be of interest to you. Involving your Ongoing Project and Plans for expansion. Which I absolutely love and support. So I am looking out for your best interest here.
Thanks Vosk Team! Sasha says Hi Tails. She loves it when he’s on screen. My 14 ye old Shepherd

I would gladly share the info here, buy any interest in this by 3rd party may affect your operation going forward. I have a screen cap for you and wish to pass it on to you before other eyes see it.
Work is approaching fast and I will not be able to respond. There are a few events going on right now that make this the time to act. As a Follower and Hopeful Friend my intention in genuine.

why dont you just DM the guy on here? He even has a email address he shares on some postings. public call out like this is not going to gain his attention in my opinion. Just send the information and be done with it.

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Thanks for the advice