Hi folks - My success story

I’ve been “MasterNoding” the last two months, after all the new Masternodes that have come into the game. I’ve bought the collateral, created TXid’s and started the nodes I’ve created. I have three different coins that all stakes and rewards very well. I use Catscoin, ReviewBASE and Global tokens. They are low end MN’s that all cost under 100$ pr. MN in coins to buy. I made them to practice because i would use MN’s as a life support. My next step is to buy a MN at 2000$ either Safedeal or Trittium witch rewards around 50-100 bucks every day witch is enough to pay my rent. I hope my post isn’t to “add’ y” and helps people who don’t know anything about Masternodes. Best way to start is by searching “Masternode monitoring”. The idea is to setup a profitable MN professionally and make a sustainable income for me, but the new coins are fluctuating and prices jumps up and down. Some of the better coins looks like they wanna live, but all are so dead and abandoned all ready. To fix the issue i look for the most stable coins witch could have 2 or 3 explores and a working website. I all so validate my choice of coins after the collateral. Best thing is if they have gone though the collateral phase and only cost the final price. The payout is important compared to how many MN’s there are in existence because it tell a story about how the MN is working. A second later doubt comes into play, course what if they turn off the blockchain server or the prices is dumping. the only thing is that never gamble more than you can afford to lose.


How’s it been going since you last posted? Still profitable?

I hardly know anything about setting up your own node and never heard of any of the coins you mentioned.

HI, the coins I run with have not changed and my Catscoin Masternodes pays out 1.62€ every day. That is pretty good because the developers often dump their coin on the exchange and have a lot of coins, so they can run most MN’s.

Setting up masternodes are easy specially because they basically only needs rented hosting like ihostmn and masternodes.biz platforms to run smoothly.