Hi, I wondered if people had multiple Wallets to help avoid wallets that closed / failed / fake or scams etc

Hi, I wondered if people had multiple Wallets to help avoid wallets that closed / failed / fake / scams etc and could potentially take all our earnings?

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Users probably have multiple wallets but often for many different reasons. Some reasons include rapid liquidation which is usually an online exchange “wallet”. There is also multiple coins and not all wallets being compatible with all coins necessitating multiple wallets. You also might have some looking at old adages like “Don’t get all your eggs in one basket” who chose to spread out the assets so a lose of 1 is greatly diminished. This connects most to your questions regarding security and trust which currently the Crypto space is still very much the wild west FTX has shown how a seemingly legitimate player in this space can be liars and cheaters. You will need to learn the difference in types of wallets but those which can be taken off line will typically offer the greatest level of security.

To get the best answer share with the community what asset(s) you hold or want to hold and what wallet(s) you use or are interested in using.

Thanks. I have 2 * Ipollo G1 Mini miners mining Grin via the F2pool to the Grin ++ Wallett, 1 * Ipollo mini doge 2 miner mining Litecoin & Dogecoin via the F2pool to the Exodus Wallet, Goldshell V1 mini 300 Ms miner mining ETC & Zil via the F2pool to the Exodus wallet, 1 * Bobcat 300 Helium miner (I am using Helium Geek) - I don’t know much else about these Bobcat’s atm and 1 * 28tb Evergreen Chia Farmer via Flexpool to the (I am awaiting further information regarding which wallet this uses)*), 2 * Fry Satellite miners, 1 is Using the Pedra Wallet and the other is using the Defly wallet, ManyThanks

Seems like you have things spread around. I’m not too sure what other non-exchange options there are for Grin. Exodus seems a fine choice for the rest.
I have most things in Exodus. Since FTX, I’ve tried to keep things non-custodial. So I have NEAR and AVAX on their project walets staked. I have DOT on Talisman Staked. I have ZIL on Atomic Staked. KDA on Zelcore. Pretty much everything else is on Exodus if it supports it. OCTA is mined to TradeOgre and swapped to something else at the end of the month and moved to Exodus.
So I’m currently thinking, it must be time to split the Exodus holdings to a second location. I’m thinking Coinomi would be an option as Atomic had some hackery a while back.
Someone tell me to stop if there is something about Coinomi I haven’t read about yet.
And for @Beanboy - I’m probably going to split funds from Exodus to Coinomi. It would have no problams with the things you have on Exodus.

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