Hi-Tech Faucets Rotator - Collect from faucets automatically while you sleep!

Very interesting! I began using the “Hi-Tech Faucets Rotator”. It is a program that will cycle through 12 different non-captcha faucets every hour. The coins collected are ETH, BTC, BNB, TRX, DASH, LINK, NEO, XRP, ADA, XEM, USDT, and USDC. Pretty nice selection and you can choose which ones you want to run. There is a bit of effort up front as you need to register with each of the individual faucets. They just need an email verification.

It will also do 5 different captcha faucets but those require credits so I recommend not doing those.

Here is a good Youtube video on it since I don’t have video skills: https://youtu.be/TPWLYLdRyWo.

It is a collection of faucets so it is a slow haul. Give it a try and help me out maybe.

Program: https://rotator.hitechfaucet.com/?r=3186


Thank you for checking out my post!


hey their i tried the software it does claim from faucets but you need a relatively good internet connection thanks for sharing i will definitely use this .

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Best of luck! I did run the captcha faucets thinking it would just stop when the Anti-Captcha Balance reached zero. I now show a negative balance and the program will no longer run. Boo. Lesson learned, don’t run the moon faucet sites.

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thanks for the tip :smile:

I’ll set this up and report back. FreeNeo isn’t working right. There is domain issue, but all the other ones work.


I just downloaded it but not yet running it up… Will it be worth it?

It seems for me that it is having trouble logging in where I get an email error. Is anyone else getting this error?

it will take a really long time(up to 6 months) before you can withdraw from the faucets , but if you have a spare computer or mining rig running 24/7 then i don’t see anything wrong in trying this

So far it’s alright. Random faucets go dark. Right now it’s free tether, free usd coin, and free tron. The program also crashes at times.

I tried to get a program that will auto restart but so far none of the ones I tried worked in windows 10. I tried all the ones listed at this site

If anyone gets it work, please post.

I worked fine for me for a week or so, but now all the sites just display a “please contact us on Twitter” message, and have done for the past day or so. I’ve checked the Twitter page, and there’s no “downtime” message, but I haven’t got a twitter account, so can’t post.

Tron is working now

Well, I set a twitter account up and messaged them on Twitter. I haven’t had a reply yet, but my faucets have started working again, so back to collecting again.