High MEM temp on rx5700xt

Hello everyone. I have a question about high MEM temps on my cards. I have five rx5700xt, they are overclocked but not too much. Im getting a steady 54 mh/s on each,and my temp is around 50 to 55. But my mem temp reaches 106 celsius,the cards are very hot when i touch them. Ive seen some people say thats normal for those cards and that everything to 110 is ok. But i wanted some other opinions,since logic tells me that anything that hot if its running 24/7 will burn out. Also,i do have fans but i can buy more if it helps,maybe like a big one? Thanks in advance!

I had the same issue on my cards and I ended up replacing the thermal pads on all 4 of them. Opening up the cards, the pads barely cover the memory chips and some didn’t have pads on certain parts at all. Replacing them with better pads helped dropped my temps a good bit! Lots of YT videos on the ‘how-to’ was very easy to do!

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Thanks for the answer,that was what i was thinking of doing. Gonna order some soon and get to buisness😃