Hive OS Official Thread ✔️

Are you getting the hashrate you were in Windows with your 5700s? Mine were a couple MH/s lower so I thought I would update to the 19.50 drivers and see if they hashed any faster. That turned into a dozen attempts to upgrade the drivers and ended with me going back to Windows. Their support page assumes I know Linux and the autoinstaller script errors out towards the end whether I remove the old driver or not. I would like to use HiveOS but 54.6 MH/s vs 57 MH/s in Windows is too much to ignore.

@HiveOS How about adding the latest AMD drivers to the image so us Windows idiots aren’t driven right back to Windows.

@bick0012 I am actually getting better hash rates in HiveOS. In Windows, Phoenix was faster than Claymores by about 1.5mH/s and I’m getting higher hash rates in Claymores under HiveOS than I was getting with Phoenix under Windows.

I can’t yet get Phoenix running in HiveOS (after only one attempt late last night), but I will work out the issue (Nicehash server keeps closing the connection although I’m using the same details as I am successfully using in Claymores) and see what that gets me.

Can you tell me the settings you were using in HiveOS for your 5700XTs? On my 5700s I’m still playing around but working towards stability before I try to wind it up.

@Badfish I finally got them to 57 MH/s. It just took a lot more core than Windows. Here are the settings I am using. Ignore the strange fan settings. That card’s bios has some odd fan settings that I haven’t figured out yet. They pull a little more power than in Windows but I haven’t checked it at the wall yet to verify.

You guys doing a great job. Thank you!

Is it possible to mine ETH on the hiveon pool and have it deposited into my wallet? I can not figure out how to do this when setting up my wallet in HiveOS.

HiveOS doesn’t know where your coins are being stored. It only follows the address you provide.

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anyone here running an amd rx 6800 on hiveos? I cant get my rig to see the card

I’m new to mining and everytime I flash my usb with Hiveos (tryed 2 drives 32gb/8gb) with etcher it makes 3 drive partions d,e,g and I can’t boot for some reason. I have bios set to usb drive 1st still won’t. Can anyone help?


Update the old MSI motherboard all I had to do was F11 to pick boot drive during start up.

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