HiveOS reboot issues?

Has anyone here had issues with HiveOS not starting miners back up after a soft reboot? Seems like I have to deal with this at least once or twice a week and it’s rough since I work about an hour away from home and can’t hard reset to get it back up and going.

I’m using the beta version with 5700xt cards, minimal overclock settings since I haven’t gotten the bios mod sorted out, no other settings messed with.

So long as you have an active flight sheet set for the worker, it will start mining on reboot. The flight sheet is the trigger to auto start.

The problem is that even with active flight sheet, it seems the hashrate starts dropping, then it does a “reboot” but never comes back on. It’s like it tried to reboot software but not hardware, and I can’t send any commands via app or website.

I had that issue when I reconfigured mine. Do you have watchdog on? If so, shut it off, auto fan too to troubleshoot. Also, at the command prompt (on the rig) type net-test. Find which server is good and set that server in the software settings (website) . This will make sure you have a solid connection to your rig. Reboot the rig and logout/login the web page.

I bet you need to lower your overclock to prevent reboots or your having an issue with watchdog.

Ultimately when set up properly you should not have reboots.

When you have a good connection, look at the logs if it reboots.

Mining Chamber just released a video with some good tips

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Thank you for the link. There is definitely no power or network issues, I do IT infrastructure work as my day job and set up a full Ubiquiti network at my house lol. A bit overkill, but I like it. Watchdog is not on, and the overclock settings are minimal at best. I’m connected to the west coast nanopool for mining, and I have my gaming pc on Phoenixminer with the same pool, and it has never reset like that or lost connection. If I can’t sort this out after watching the video, I may just go with NiceHash OS. I can’t seem to get Windows set up on a multi-gpu rig either.