HiveOs RX580 setup issues

Hey guys, been a while.

Any ideas on how to set up an AMD rig, in particular RX580 cards?

I set up my GTX1660 in no time, but the RX580 rig keeps restarting and pushing high temps etc.
My flight sheet settings are pretty much what I carried over from smos, so no hectic over clock’s, just standard settings.

Im a little lost.


I don’t run HiveOS and I’m running a rx570 with 2 gtx1660tis’s but heres my link for a general idea of how I’m running things. Granted your BIOS mod and settings on the Radeon software will be different given you run a rx580, but if you apply the same process but with proper settings on your rig, you should be able to get up and running. Hope this helps on giving you a general idea

Here’s my settings for my RX580 Rig in HiveOS (mining to Nicehash). It’s pretty conservative in terms of overclocking as lower power is more important to me than higher hashrate.

For info, when I first assembled this rig a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t even get it to boot up properly until I tried running it with the HiveOS Beta hiveos-0.6-200-beta@210303.img.xz). After it was up and running I updated to the latest stable version and it’s been running fine ever since.

Thanks a lot for the help. I’ve tried and tried. My amd rig just won’t work with Hive. It runs on smos and NicehashOs but Hive just gives me errors. So sad, because my Nvidia rig runs amazing in hive