HNS Wallet ( where /how )

Can anyone point out a good handshake wallet please? I can’t find one, so any help is appreciated.

Thank you

Here what you wished for Master

I was wandering in the cryptospace, and got this info from their IRC Channel

This is the Official Wallet

Cobo Wallet is another you can use for HNS

Thank you for the help, appreciate it

Got my HS1+ today. Mining on dx pool and using the Bob wallet.

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Nice. Was you suprised of the fan sound (loud/quite)? First when I connected it mine sounded real loud. But as soon as It got started mining it went down a few db =)

Right now on my HS1+ im getting about 5,2 HNS /24h (f2pool).
When you have run yours a few days on dxpool, please write here what you avarage HNS/24h is.

Happy mining =)