HNS Wallet ( where /how )

Can anyone point out a good handshake wallet please? I can’t find one, so any help is appreciated.

Thank you

Here what you wished for Master

I was wandering in the cryptospace, and got this info from their IRC Channel

This is the Official Wallet

Cobo Wallet is another you can use for HNS

Thank you for the help, appreciate it

Got my HS1+ today. Mining on dx pool and using the Bob wallet.

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Nice. Was you suprised of the fan sound (loud/quite)? First when I connected it mine sounded real loud. But as soon as It got started mining it went down a few db =)

Right now on my HS1+ im getting about 5,2 HNS /24h (f2pool).
When you have run yours a few days on dxpool, please write here what you avarage HNS/24h is.

Happy mining =)

So I have been running a few days now. The hiccup has been power. We have had what we call loadshedding ( they just switch off the grid) so I don’t think my figures are 100% yet!

Nice. What’s the HNS per day?. The rejections are somewhat higher than i have on F2pool. These past days i’ve been on around 0,05% - 0,10% rejections and highest 0,20% which was one or two times. But not more than that.

Are you running the machine on 110v or 220v?


I’m running 240v.

Thank you, I will change pool’s and see if that works better.

Can you share your settings you have on f2pool?

Do you mean which URL? If so im connected to
No other settings done, other than im using the HandyMiner (MAC).

Yeah, I tried that. The miner is hashing but I’m not registering on the pool.

I don’t know what else to change. Gone back to dx pool in the meantime, but the rejected shares are hurting my potential earnings

I try and read before I post and ask newb questions. Powering up my miner and seeing good hashrate… or potential hasrate, but not connected to anything. Left it on for a few days and nothing. Hookup of physical components I’ve nailed. I’m lost in the setting apparently. Any help would be greatly appreciated.