HNT Antenna Upgrading

Anyone start messing around with antenna upgrades for HNT mining? I dont know if I’m quite ready to start diving into radio studies, but going to try and see what I can do with upgrading from stock RAK antenna to the 8 dBi antenna

Location: DFW Texas area. So hopefully dont get a lucky bolt of lightning and catch house on fire.

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I will once I get one!

Edit: still toying around with the idea of going solar and not mounting it on the house at all.

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Not a bad idea! You just going to run the CAT5 to the tower then? Or use WiFi for connection?

From what I’ve tried to self learn so far, the higher dBi…the more narrow the signal becomes. So I’m sure it’ll become a game of what’s the dBi range that works best for location. Or how the hell do you point signal of just a vertical antenna rod? :slight_smile:

I should ask my father what he remembers, he worked with antenna designs and radar systems.

I do understand how the signal is shaped off various antenna. Lol I wonder if Amazon sells rotating arrays!